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Question In The Comments

Anonymous asked, “Salam wa alaykum sis, are you using stories of the world by safia Iqbal for history? If not could you please tell what you use? I been wanting to find someone who wasnt using story of the world by the well trained mind author.”


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Socialization Question

A Reader said…
“Assalaamu alaykum I’m a mother of one living in the US and I am seriously considering homeschooling… my girl is still an infant but every time I remember my public school experiences I cringe and swear I could never subject my daughter to that.I am concerned about socialization, though. How do you get your kids to play and learn with other children their ages when you live in a non-Muslim country and are so selective about their playmates (they have to be Muslim, good adab, etc)? I have no question that the quality of education would be better, but what about the socialization factor? jazaku Allah khayr”

Wa ‘alaikum as salaam, Sis.
May ALLAH make things easy for you and your family, AMEEN.
For me, socialization is really not an issue. Because we get out and about in the world, my children understand how to converse with their elders, they feel comfortable around various ages and they are more inclined to play with any aged child, (they love babies and sometimes don’t realize that they are not as old as the older kids, lol.


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