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Geography Exam

Geography Exam
We had an informal exam for geography a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to make sure that the activities we have done were conducive to learning and not just for show….


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Ancient Greece and Rome

I’m trying to fit in all the ancient civilizations that I can without rushing, but I still want to cover some of the ancient African civilizations too, like Ghana, Mali and Timbuktu. For now, we are trying to quickly get in and out of Greece and Rome, (there’s so much shirk, I have to be creative).


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Ancient China Notebooking/Lapbook (Long and lots of pics)


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All Caught Up In Geography

We’ve finally gotten back into our groove, sort of.


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Finishing Mesopotamia and Explode the Code 1/1/2

AlhamduLILLAH we have finally finished our work on Mesopotamia. It was really dragging out. I purchased the Ancient Civilizations History Pocket to supplement our lessons and my daughter seemed to like it. This was the first time that I used something like this but I think it was worthwhile. It gave her some nice visuals to work with instead of just hearing me talk or reading from the book and trying to picture everything. The history pocket comes with several activities including definitions, mini-projects and a little pop-up activity. All of this is being added to her binder. (more…)

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AlhamduLILLAH, I have my own computer again!


It has been so stressful since my computer was damaged and I’m sure you’ve noticed that I lost interest in blogging for a while. I was sort of hopping back and forth between my husband’s computer (a Mac) and the classroom computer (has Vista) and that was just not working for me.


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Welcoming The Whole World

Atlas Puzzle


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