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New Notebooking Pages

As salaamu alaykum,

I’ve added two worksheets under the heading “Sahabah” and a new page for the seerah. It’s called “How did the Quraysh respond?” We used it to list the different ways that the Quraysh protested the message of the Prophet, salallahu alayhi wa salaam.


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New Page for Prophet Yunus

Just added to the Notebooking Pages Tab.


Prophet Yunus


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New Pages

I added some new notebooking pages to the tab on the menu bar. Check them out, InshaAllah you will find them useful.

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Notebooking Section

I haven’t been posting, but I have been busy behind the scenes. I’ve made some simple notebooking pages to go along with our studies and I’ve added them to the menu section under “Notebooking Pages”. I like the idea of having notebooking pages but often find the need to alter them when I find them online to fit our needs.


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New Mini Bulletin Board, Notebooking

I quickly set up a bulletin board so that we could appreciate the heroes who helped shape Islam along the way. I of course, have been inspired by the recent course that I took and feel this is a nice additiion to the homeschool. It’s nothing fancy for now, but this is our “HEROES” cork board:


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Post Number 40, Week Number 7

Choo Choo
Well, we’ve been really busy around here lately. It has been a long week already. We are expecting our fourth child, InshaALLAH and I have been super tired lately. AlhamduLILLAH the “morning sickness” is usually a nighttime, after dinner situation so it hasn’t affected me during school time. People are surprised and seem to be giving me unwanted sympathy, lol. Really, I love having my children and find that they are not the handful that most people imagine them to be. Children thrive if they have safety, nourishment, encouragement and routine. I cannot stress routine enough. They are only out of sorts when the extraordinary occurs, like a visitor dropping by (at bedtime) or when they are out of their comfort zones (shots at the doctor, lol). Otherwise, it’s business as usual. They are really excited about the baby and my oldest is already trying to feel for kicks although it should be some time before that is possible, InshaALLAH, (I’m about 7 weeks along).


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Saxon letter tiles
Today, we continued with Suratul Ikhlas. Her memorization is going well, masha’ALLAH.
Saxon Phonics 1 is coming along well also. Each day a new letter is introduced and she has to use the letter tiles to spell words.


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