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Busy Days Gone By

Whew! I have to say, this has been a very busy summer for us; actually, we’ve been busy since spring. My sister came to Buffalo, N.Y.on a business trip and since I hadn’t seen her in a while, we planned a quick trip down to Niagara Falls. We quickly whisked her up for a weekend visit to Toronto and that set the pace for our summer. It was nice because she never met my two youngest children before. (more…)

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The Children Have Pink Eye and Hives

Before the children became ill, we tried the lemon-drizzle cake from My So Called Life… and MashaALLAH, it was very tasty.


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Today Was a Fun Day To…

Did you do anything fun? I sure hope so. If not, try something fun tomorrow, InshaALLAH.


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Kite Flying

We purchased a couple of kites from the dollar store but we might try to make our own the next time. Great, inexpensive fun! I even did a little flying myself!


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I Love to Catch the Blooming of the Trees

AlhamduLILLAH! Such beauty in ALLAH’s creation.


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Garage Sales and Carnivals

Garage Sales and Carnivals


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Fun in the snow

Today we took it easy and went out into this:



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