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Visited the Dollar Store

I’m pleasantly surprised whenever I go to the dollar store. I always find something that is useful and the children can go a little nuts without breaking the bank. I was happy to find items that keep the four year old occupied and I found a few items to help us along in our curriculum.


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I Had to Try It At Least Once


Homemade Play Dough


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Oriental Trading Company

I got a catalog from Oriental Trading Company the other day. They seem to have lots of arts and crafts and party supplies. They have supplies for teachers also. If you look on their site, they sometimes have free craft projects. Canadians can order from them through their partner Borderfree. (more…)

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Shaky Blog Beginning

So, I’ve been wondering for some time how to make this a more interesting and readable blog, but I haven’t really put forth much effort. I have read some fascinating blogs in the past few years and I think those bloggers must devote a lot of time to them. Time is a luxury that I sort of have. I can’t say that I don’t.


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