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ProductiveMuslim Animation – Just Go Do IT!


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Getting Rid of the Chaos

We're Using Workboxes Since the beginning of December, I have been slowly clearing out some clutter – especially homeschool stuff. The inspiration comes from setting up the workboxes. Since I can now use materials that we never seemed to have time for in the past, I need to weed out the junk and get to the good stuff.


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Almost wrapping up the week

Saxon Phonics


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Getting down to business

I’ve been all over the web scouring blog after blog to figure out how to better organize the school and our lives. I finally found – run by a homeschool master! She has documents for just about everything you can imagine and I am so thankful that I found her site. She even has useful tips for the different subjects, including art. There are drawing exercises with evaluations every few lessons that will aid your child with mastering the basic shapes and lines in handwriting.


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