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A New Game!


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Something fun I just wanted to share :-)


This is a link I thought you might find interesting.  These are optical illusions that may make your head spin…enjoy!


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Have You Been to Camali?

Check it out, there are various activities and songs at Camali. (more…)

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Word Family Game

I was visiting The Snail’s Trail blog a couple of weeks ago and admiring some of her creative homeschool ideas. In particular, I liked the Handmade Word Family Game.


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Keep it Balanced

Look at what we madeToday was an interesting home school adventure. I had all three children in the classroom while my mother-in-law went to the library. We don’t normally keep my youngest in the classroom because she likes to explore all of the areas that I haven’t toddler-proofed. For instance, as soon as we got settled in the room, she grabbed paint and put it in her mouth, (we were painting while she napped and she came into the room before I could put it away). She’s pretty quick but it’s nontoxic paint, alhamduLILLAH. She really likes clay, so I let them make various things with it and they wanted to show it off.


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