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Need Some Inspiration for Your Classroom?

The School Supply Addict is the supercenter of classroom setups 🙂

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Calendars and Pocket Charts

AlhamduLILLAH, now that my four-year-old is participating in our daily school activities, I’ve had to take a step back and remember to go back to basics. We used to have a daily calendar on the wall and then it was moved to the hallway to accommodate a new bookshelf. Well, that didn’t work for us, so I moved one of the room dividers that I used to have in the classroom to the back of the room. We have the Hijri calendar on the left side of the board, the season (in Arabic) with a photo is in the middle, and the Gregorian calendar is next to that.


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Do You Redecorate Your Learning Space?

Now that I have all the little ones in the classroom and three of the four will be participating full-time, I need to reorganize a tiny bit. I feel like I am not utilizing the space properly so I have to think it over a bit. I’m not planning anything fancy but I have been trying to organize some learning centers for the kids and make specific spaces for each subject.


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Keep it Balanced

Look at what we madeToday was an interesting home school adventure. I had all three children in the classroom while my mother-in-law went to the library. We don’t normally keep my youngest in the classroom because she likes to explore all of the areas that I haven’t toddler-proofed. For instance, as soon as we got settled in the room, she grabbed paint and put it in her mouth, (we were painting while she napped and she came into the room before I could put it away). She’s pretty quick but it’s nontoxic paint, alhamduLILLAH. She really likes clay, so I let them make various things with it and they wanted to show it off.


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Class and lesson helpers

Classroom bins
I am almost finished rearranging our tiny classroom and I am pleased with our space. I had to reorganize to maximize the available space, so I put various little things in rolling carts that have drawers:


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Felt fun

Felt printables


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Almost time to start

So, I am getting ready for the homeschool. I have the Calvert School Curriculum and I must say I am excited. My oldest is begging to start school but I told her that we will wait until after Labor Day, InshaALLAH. I think we will have Islamic/Arabic school year round but the secular curriculum will follow the Ontario designated school year.
I definitely feel elated after getting that heavy whiteboard hung. stud finder
My arms hurt after all the stud finding and drilling. I must say, it really gives that classroom feel.
I still have more to do but it’s a start. I think I will expand beyond the curtain and put up a bulletin board/display area on the hallway wall and make that a play area for the little ones. Zellers is open 24 hours Friday through Sunday so I am sure we will be stopping by there to grab a couple of backpacks for them (not that they have anywhere to go but backpacks are great fun).
One thing we are doing is taking the disciplined approach, meaning wake up, get dressed properly (proper Islamic school dress), and start class with Fatihah.
The only concern I have about all this is that we will be starting right before Ramadan. AlhamduLillah for Ramadan. Hopefully, the routine will be easy to follow and I will exercise much patience, InshaALLAH while I am fasting. I did manage to find some Ramadan activity books for them to color and I think we can make some type of decorations for the classroom. I need to really brainstorm or check the internet for inspiration. (more…)

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