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Free Math Worksheets

Dollar Billy AlexanderAs salaamu alaykum,


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Math Puzzles

Haven’t tried these yet. My husband found them the other day and I thought that I would at least pass them on…

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What Do You think? Which Version Works for You?


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2nd Grade Mathematics Games

AlhamduLILLAH, this link can help your little ones practice their mathematics, InshaALLAH.


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Math TV

Lots of videos from basic math to calculus.

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The Abacus – How to Use This Ancient Wonder

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Thank you for shopping at Mommy’s Grocery Store

So today we continued with our money lesson which included some work in the Calvert Math book and the math workbook. The lesson introduced the quarter and consisted of several sorting exercises (sort the coins front and back). She also had to do an exercise which asked if she had enough money to buy different items for various amounts, like a kite for 3 cents if she had 7 cents, etc.
Then, we had some real fun and set up our own grocery store with empty boxes and grocery bags.


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What number comes after 5?

The past few weeks we have been covering lessons on time and money.Time is money The time portion was very easy for her and she can recognize the hour and half hour as long as the analog clock has numbers. Our living room clock has Roman numerals so she can’t use that one but the classroom clock has numbers.
We also learned A.M. and P.M. and early and late. Again, no problem. Time after time
Then comes the second part of the lesson;money.I tell her the values of the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. So far, so good. I ask her to show me one cent. No problem. O.k. five cents. Five pennies, good, good. O.k. what else could five cents look like? Uh…. Ok, remember the nickel? That’s five cents too. O.k. back on track. Show me five cents two ways. She does it. Good. Now, what is one penny and one nickel? Blank stare. What are five pennies and one penny? Six cents. Good! One penny and one nickel? Two cents. How much is one nickel? Five cents. O.k. and one penny? One cent. Add them together. Crickets chirp. O.k. What number comes after five? I don’t know. Come on, you know this, what comes after five? Blank stare. Groan. O.k. lesson over for the day. Mo' money Thankfully, this was at the end of the school day and maybe we were both tired. Tomorrow, InshaALLAH I know what we have to work on first!
She did do a little freehand writing, which I find adorable, especially her grocery lists. She’s spelling everything phonetically so she’s applying what she knows without all of the complicated rules: Flowers are amazing! She likes to read and we are going through several books right now. Look it up This one is the most important. I want her to increase her vocabulary. I really admire the homeschool children that participate in the spelling bees. I looked at several lists for her age group and some were a little easy so I really feel good about that. My biggest concern has always been whether or not she would be on par with the other children her age but so far she has surpassed my expectations.
Craft wise, we have been doing a bit of this and that. She is learning to knit but isn’t coordinated enough to hold both needles on her own. I am thinking that she could really get the hang of crochet though. She knows which way the needles go so it’s a start. I think crafts are good because they take a certain discipline and teach patience.
Knitting by the kid (more…)

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