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This Was Fun… Until We Found Worms!

We finished our semester on botany with a simple flower dissection. This meant that the younger two children pulled petals off and scattered them all over the house while we tried to save some for the actual dissection, lol.


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George Washington Carver

I like to add literature into our curriculum as much as possible, and my daughter, book-lover that she is, has no objection. Biographies can be a strong supplement to any subject, including math and science. Since we are studying botany this term, we read about George Washington Carver’s struggles to obtain an education in a time when most African Americans were still working on their former slave master’s land. After explaining that this George Washington is a different one, lol, we discovered his many contributions¬† to the field of science and agriculture and thus discovered just how relevant the field of¬† botany is. My daughter has a new found appreciation for the study of plants, InshaALLAH.

We used a lapbook purchased from Currclick for this project. We left out the pages that had bible verses and so on….I finally took the time to learn how to alter lapbook templates to add Quran instead of bible verses and I may do that in the near future, InshaALLAH.


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We started our new school year at the beginning of August but I found it a bit too ambitious while fasting and scaled back the workload. Still, we continued with math, educational games, Quran memorization and reading, and a bit of container gardening. My oldest wants to study botany this year, so we started growing green peppers from discarded seeds. We soaked them in hydrogen peroxide and then planted them in potting soil in pots and containers on our balcony.


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Welcoming The Whole World

Atlas Puzzle


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