Late Reminder!


Today, I read an explanation of Surah Kahf to the children and my daughter read aloud The Adventures of Zulqarnain by Shiban Akbar. We also read about the companions of the cave in My Quran Friends Storybook by Saniyasnain Khan and the story of the two gardens in My First Quran Storybook….


Sources of Truth

AlhamduLILLAH, I feel good knowing that we are trying to put forth the efforts to know and love the Quraan.

Every now and then, I give my daughter copywork for her notebook from Provisions for the Seekers,

Short, Concise Hadeeth

but today we copied a nice du’a from My First Quran Storybook.

Du'a Copywork



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I am an American Muslim homeschooling mom of four who is living in Canada and trying to become stronger on the deen as each day passes, InshaAllah.
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