Are Men really from Mars and Women from Venus?


We are either married, or aspire to be. In any case, the challenge of getting to know who our (future) spouse really is, what they want, and how to deal with them is something that is debated, discussed, (and joked about) constantly. AlhamduLILLAH, we have the Messenger of ALLAH SAW as a guide in every aspect of our lives, and through His Sunnah, do we learn how the best of ALL creation was, how he treated his wives, and what he instructed the men and women of this Ummah to treat their respective spouses. Our noble brother, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi has been kind enough to do a series entitled, “Like A Garment” where he discusses the nature of men and women, and gives advice to each side how to behave, and how to treat the other. The naseehah he gives is excellent, and Sheikh Yasir gives insight that many of us will InshaALLAH appreciate, and benefit from. May ALLAH reward Sheikh Yasir, have Mercy on his family, and make a path to Jannah easy for him, Ameen. The video series can be found here.

May ALLAH strengthen our relationships with our (future) spouses, and make us better Muslims, Ameen.

Take care.
Abu Maryam

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I am an American Muslim homeschooling mom of four who is living in Canada and trying to become stronger on the deen as each day passes, InshaAllah.
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