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4 Responses to Lesson Planning

  1. umm yunma says:

    assalamulaikum wr wb
    a small request pls can u kindly post some pics on your daily calender,days of the week etc……
    jzkillah khairun

  2. Nurul Fathim says:

    Assalamu’alaykum wbrwbt sis, do you mind sharing with me daily, weekly/monthly planner/schedule/activities you did with your children?


    • Umm Maryam says:

      Wa’alaikum Salaam wa RahmatULLAH. Believe it or not, my wife does not use daily/weekly planners of any kind when she homeschool’s. I can say this because I have actually seen her teach on a daily basis. The reason she is able to get away this is that she has been teaching for a few years now, and because her students are in fact, our children, means she knows them better than anyone. You will notice for example in schools, teachers who are seasoned professionals rarely need to look at a guide to help them with their lesson. Why? Because they’ve been doing it for so long, they have been using the same textbook in many cases over and over, they know exactly what comes next, what topics to address, and know how to answer any potential questions that may arise.

      Now this was not always the case, as my wife was quite nervous when she first started homeschooling. The way we worked through this was by using the Calvert homeschool curriculum for Maryam. This is an EXCELLENT curricula to use if you are starting out for the first time because they literally provide EVERYTHING to homeschool your child (student textbook, workbook, teachers guide, lesson plans, schedules, etc). Unlike many curricula out there, this one had no religious slant, and was purely secular, and covers all grades (you can find cheaper, used versions on sale on eBay). With this, my wife was able to follow the structure that was laid out for her, and soon was able to customize these schedules/lesson plans, etc to her needs since she now was able to see what worked best for our children, and gradually moved away from the given plans and customized her own. It wasn’t long before she didn’t require a plan altogether. My advice then would be to search for sample lesson plans online as really, they are all the same at the end of the day, and if you’re really unsure, obtain the Calvert curricula and you should be fine. Bear in mind, no one knows your child better than you. No one. This should give you the confidence to know how much you should teach, when to take a break, what activities will appeal to them, and what subjects to teach, and at what times, as well as what time they have their meals. Remember, you’re the parent, which means you’re the expert, and no guide will provide you a solution that is better than what you have in mind. 🙂

      May ALLAH make things easy for you and your family, and give you the strength to be a teacher that will inspire your children to be the best Muslims possible.

      JazakALLAH Khair for visiting the site, and for taking the time to send us your question!

      Take care.
      Abu Maryam

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