S will be studying the human body, which will overlap with I, InshaALLAH. For now, we are working on reading and writing. If I have nothing planned for her and she expresses interest in something, I usually print worksheets for her from Enchanted Learning so that she can participate on her own level.

For I, we are using an assortment of items: Notebooking, McGraw-Hill Science,  and The Handbook of Nature Studies. We sometimes overlap with big sis since we are currently studying trees, plants and flowers.

For M, we went with her interests this year, combining drawing, notebooking and science. Until the end of October or so, we will be covering a botany curriculum which was very nicely organized by another homeschool mom. We are using two of the three books on her list and we adjust each lesson to fit our time constraints or alter the experiments, depending on what has been in season or what is available in our area and climate.

Late this summer, we started growing green peppers from seeds that we scooped out of green, red and yellow peppers that we purchased in the grocery store. We followed the directions we found online (somewhere) for preparing the seeds and we have been photographing them from time to time. We will use these photos for this course and document the project via notebooking.


We will then switch gears and study chemistry. Again, it’s what she finds interesting. I haven’t planned this portion yet.

2 Responses to Science

  1. Umm muadh says:

    Asalamu aleikum.umm Maryam.i love your work mashallah barikkillah.may Allah az wacha allah reward you for I mother with three kids.alhamdulliah and the fourth on it way homeschooling two of them.the older and the sec one.a girl and a daughter is being responding well alhamdulliah with the homeschooling.i just started with my son.i feel he is abit slow wen it comes to studying.but he enjoys more playing and more word for him.sorry didn’t mention the age my daughter is 5 and half and the boy he is 4.wat can you advise me wen it comes to te boy.inshallah.take care

    • Umm Maryam says:

      As salaamu alaykum.

      It sounds like what you are doing with him is fine. Since he is so young, try to memorize the short surahs with him and teach him the Arabic alphabet and a bit of vocabulary. It is nice to get them started early with these things so that they foster a love for it right away.

      Take care,
      wa salaam,
      Umm Maryam

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